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FACMA proposes itself on the market with a wide and articulate range of mulchers, planning and building models that offer excellent solutions for: ground preparation to the mechanized harvesting of fruits; check of infesting weeds; cutting up of runners, pruning and crushing stones up to 20 cm of diameter. The Mulchers employment isnā€™t limited only to the ground preparation, but permits at the same times to preserve the natural environment and the habitats present in him.


The XPEL model is suitable for mulching in stony, irregular grounds and for the woodlands maintenance. The structure in the totality of its components is particularly strong, such that the mulcher can shred big dimensions pruning residue (about 10 – 15 cm of diameter) and break movable stones with a diameter until 25cm. The hitch is available with manual or hydraulic side shift. Powered by tractors from 55 HP – 120 HP.


The new BVE model permits to obtain a higher grass crumbling than the BPEL model. The BE model is advised for mulching grassy mantles, runners and stones until 6 – 7 cm of diameter in orchards. The hitch is available with manual or hydraulic side shift. Powered by tractors from 40 HP to 110Hp. BVE/RV: The BVE model can be built, on request, on the reversibleĀ version, to be mounted in the front of the tractor.


The FX model is suitable for grass and fibrous stalks mulching. It is a mulcher with fixed hitch, to be mounted on the three (3) points of the rear hydraulic lift of tractors, with a power from 18 HP to 85 HP.


The new VPE is suitable for mulching grass, runners, pruning residues and medium dimensions movable stones (until 12 cm of diameter). Its structure is robust, the hood is made of anti wear and tear material. The model can be endowed with fixed hitch or with a hydraulic side shift device, completely outside of the track, which enables to shred under low foliages, while tractor remains in middle of the row (piston travel for shift: until 1mt). On demand at the moment of the order it is possible to apply hammers model BE (not interchangeable with hammers VPE). Powered by tractors from 55 HP to 130Hp.

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