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Gramegna V 93/30
The V93/30 is a professional spading machine that delivers the best quality, robustness and reliability you can find. The machine is fitted with conical bearings at all upper joints and oversized cranks. A gear shift lever, depth control wheels, rear grille and other accessories can be added to customise the machine to your own requirements.


      Gramegna Series 30

Gramegna V 86/36

Is designed as an alternative to the plough for medium depth tillage. The more testing the soil, the more the benefits afforded by this type of implement become evident. In clayey or wet soil, where ploughing is inadvisable or even impracticable, the V86/36 can operate quite normally, regardless of the conditions. When the soil turns dry and hard, the V86/36 can be kept going without difficulty by adjusting the forward speed. In these circumstances the spading machine will leave the soil finer and better levelled than would be possible with plough, considerably reducing further operations required for preparation of the seedbed.


      Gramegna Series 36

Gramegna V 97/45

Has the highest specification of all Gramegna spading machines. This is a generously proportioned, robust machine, designed to operate at considerable depths and in the most hostile conditions. Besides offering all the practical benefits and features of smaller spading machines, the V 97/45 also delivers the advatages typical of subsoiling: superior drainiage and better turning under crop residues. In addition the V 97/45 totally eliminates the problem of stagnating surface water.


      Gramegna Series 45