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Technological solutions for spraying & weed control in Agriculture

The FLORIDA trade mark represents a company specialized in the production of a complete range of tractor-mounted and trailed airblast sprayers, low-volume sprayers and field sprayers. It is available in different models and versions with several accessories and implements, which offer the users the best solution for any requirements they have in crop protection and weed control.

These machines come in a 600, 2000, 3000 and the new 4000 Liter. Florida sprayers are ideal for treatments in vinyards and orchards like macadamia trees . The florida sprayers with the double suction fan gives you a high airspeed to ensure you a very fine spraying mixture and a excellent penetration in dense trees.

The big advantage is also the interchangeable spray heads which can easily adapt to reach the higher tree tops. Florida sprayers are also known for their low maintenance cost compared to other spraying machines.

When studying and analyzing the aspects of this sector, we have always worked in the only  belief that:
The technological answer is the one able to solve the sometimes complicated problems in crop protection.

Particular attention was given to the operator’s protection and safety, as well as the conservation. We put our experience to good use by investing in human resources and production means in order to give new outlets to this sector by offering machines of great technological value. We co-operated with our customers, gathered their experience and tested new solutions, which allowed us to continuously improve our product. Dynamism and flexibility in proposals allow FLORIDA to give quick and resolutive solutions with a technologically advanced product. This together with a great availability of after-sale service and prompt spare parts delivery contributes daily towards our customer’s success.

Florida - Spraymist Sc3 - 1   Florida - Articulated Spraymist2   Florida - Spraymist Model Francia

Spraymist SC3
Trailed Low Volume Sprayers – Spraymist SC.3

  • Trailed sprayer for low volume treatments with wrap-around spray manifold and 3 vertical booms.
  • Treats 3 complete rows each pass.
  • Double suction fan, 500 mm diameter
  • Wrap-around manifold with 3 stainless steel booms and Venturi nozzles with adjustable direction
  • Adjustable product delivery for each individual nozzle
  • Electrical controls for product distribution and hydraulic movement of the manifold
  • High pressure pump, 120 l/min
  • Liquid stirred in tank independently of operating pressure
  • Extensible manifold with parallelogram movement for treating 3 complete rows
  • With central lifting 7 hydraulic cylinders for the following movements: extension – opening – lifting the booms – lifting the centre

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