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These Trailed Harvesters are suitable for picking hazelnuts, chestnuts, almonds, walnuts, coffee, macadamia and olives from the ground.

Easy to manoeuvre tank improves work capacity, reduces harvesting time and labour costs.

  • Saves on manpower as only one operator required;
  • Supplied with lateral blowing kit which propels the produce between the rows to quicken the process;
  • Can be used on sloping ground with the help of a front driving wheel (on demand);
  • Can go over the same piece of ground without harming the product;

A system of selection makes excellent product cleaning. The Self-propelled harvesters models are produced in order of size and working capacity, depending on personal work requirements.


The self-propelled harvester SEMEK is equipped with 3 driving wheels, 2 front and 1 rear. The frontal harvester uses 2 contra-rotating brushes which move the product towards a central mechanical harvester composed of rotating rubber blades, which lift the product and send them towards a conveyor belt. This belt first cleans, then moves through to the ventilation system, and finally passes through a double rotating screen, which further cleans the product. Once selected, the product is unloaded in trolleys which can be trailed by the same machine.

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