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One Drum Winch

Powerful one-drum forest winch for those in need of a powerful and reliable winch. This is a “heavy-duty” winch intended for large tasks, and this winch provides good working conditions. IGLAND 65H has an unusually large drum capacity, providing room for a wide range of wire ropes with sufficient lengths. Rugged and simple design with large butt-plate provides excellent ground support. IGLAND 65H can be fitted with hydraulically adjustable pull-in point if desired. This winch has electrohydraulic high pressure operation with self-contained hydraulics.


Two Drum Winch

IGLAND 5 ton two-drum forestry winch. This model is ideal for thinning of forest and makes the final harvesting easy. The winch is designed for mounting on farm tractors with a 3-point hitch. The pull capacity is 50 kN (5 tons) for each drum. The advantage of a two-drum winch is to be able to distribute the load on two wire ropes. This results in the timber becoming more manageable, gives better working conditions, and safety will be handled in a better way.

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